Gluten Roulette

I don’t recall any restaurants that had a gluten free menu when I began to eat gluten free five years ago. Those first few months were like playing gluten roulette/rootlet. I would ask the wait staff if they had anything that was gluten free they would tell me that they didn’t know what that was. Not wanting to limit myself to a bag of plain potato chips or a bowl of lettuce I would look for a place that would sell burgers or hotdogs. I would explain that I was “allergic” to the wheat bun and asked that it not be included. They would explain to me that their buns were not made from wheat and that their buns were made of just plain regular white flour.

Fortunately, when I did venture out I was able to call my husband at his office to ask him to search the internet for anything gluten free. Sometimes I was fortunate to find a restaurant like Chick-fila which actually had several items that were safe, otherwise… well, you know.

Today, things have improved drastically. Many restaurants do provide gluten free items and menus, even if we still have to be patient and explain what we need to stay safe. Which of your favorite nation wide restaurant chains is now has a gluten free menu?


About Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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