Pei Wei


Their slogan says, “Discover something foreign yet  familiar”.  Do you long for the spicy sweet heat of Asian style food?   On a resent trip to Baltimore, Maryland, my daughter suggested Pei Wei.  I had never heard of Pei Wei but when I called ahead the staff told me that they did have a gluten free menu.  I was more than just a little curious when they described the flavors are distinctly Chinese  Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and Japanese.

I ordered the Gluten Free Pei Wei spicy Shrimp.  The shrimp are wok seared and flavored  with vinegar sauce, garlic, scallions, snap peas and shoe string carrots which I had served over a steaming bowl of white rice. I couldn’t resist ordering I side order of Gluten Free Vietnamese Rolls. They were crisp and chilled to perfection served in a rice paper wrapper excellent for dipping in sweet chili sauce. Slicing through the center you could
see the chicken, butter lettuce, crisp snap peas, cabbage, bright orange carrots, mint, spring scallions, and peanuts all in light lime vinaigrette.

Pei Wei offered a few gluten free options; meatless, chicken, or shrimp in salads, wraps or served over rice.  The restaurant is casual and served some alcoholic beverages. The atmosphere was suitable for groups and families and take out was available.  I enjoyed my first visit so much that
we returned the next day.

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