Starbucks and Maya Angelou

When it comes to Starbucks Maya Angelou may have known what she was talking about when she said, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”  Starbucks web sight states, “Delicious, handcrafted beverages and great-tasting food. The secret to making life better”  but if you are gluten free that may not always mean you.  After spending a considerable amount of time looking for a list of safe foods I could find nothing.  Even when I looked for a list of safe drinks their link said that there was no information at this time and suggested asking the barista for a list of ingredients. The baristas at my local Starbucks are genuinely hard working people often filling one order while taking the next one at the same time.  They are friendly and remember the regulars by name.  However, as a customer I hesitate to ask them to do anything out of the ordinary because while they would be happy to help it doesn’t help them or the ten other people waiting in line if they have to interrupt the flow and keep other customers waiting.  I miss the days when I could wonder into any Starbucks in any given city or town and place an order for my favorite steaming hot or ice cold Chi drinks and enjoy a sweet treat.  I was overwhelmed with joy when they offered a gluten free orange cake that was so delicate in its texture that the sweet taste of orange rose to the top of my taste buds. I am not sure why they stopped serving it.  All of this to say I think Maya Angelou may have had it right sometimes we need to make our voices heard.  I called Starbucks customer service number I spoke with two different people and both did their very best to help me but I am only one voice in a crowd of many who are gluten free.  That is why I am asking you to make a similar call.  Starbucks is a great company with the humblest of roots and I believe they would like to find ways to help us by adding more information and gluten free pastries.  Their number is (800) 782-7282.  Together we can make a difference in our gluten free community.


About Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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