Gluten and Teflon

When you are trying to eat healthy and avoid medical problems have ever considered the dangers of using Teflon in your kitchen?  I have read many gluten free sights and it seems that a lot of them suggest using Teflon pots and pan to help avoid cross contamination.  I am not certain that is a good idea to use Teflon for two primary reasons.  First, it is nearly impossible to avoid knowing for sure that cross contamination of gluten isn’t and issue even if you are using Teflon.  Teflon is not invincible it can scratch and trap gluten. Secondly, but just as importantly the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The chemical – called perfluorooctanoic acid, or  PFOA.   PFOA has been shown cause cancer.  In addition, liver damage, growth defects, immune-system damage and death are also known to result in humans. Seventten scietists have suggested that PFOAs not be used because it is considered to be a “likely” carcinogen. As a result the pot and pans should no longer contain PFOAs by the year 2015.  To read more please follow this link. 

What surfaces do you use to cook and bake? 


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