Loven Gluten Free Polenta Cakes

IMG_1006After making a quick batch of grilled Polenta cakes I was surprised when all six of my quests asked me what it was.  Now, if you are an Italian you would never suggest that polenta is anything but polenta even though it has been confused for that other ground corn known as grits.  Polenta is ground much finer and extremely versatile. It can be purchased boxed and if buying quick cooking takes only about three minutes once your water has come to a boil.  Gia Russa would be my first choice but any gluten free bran should do if you are avoiding wheat.  On its own its flavors can be a bit bland.  However, it can be prepared either sweet or savory and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner or as yummy treats. Sometimes I prepare it as a warm cereal, pizza like crust, as a base for serving stews on top off, with marinara sauce, or salsas.  On this particular day I prepared gluten free polenta according to the package direction then sprinkled in Seasoning Salt, Pepper, Italian Spices to taste and a dash of dried chives for color.  After they were cooked and bubbling I plopped them out onto an 11″x17″ baking pan lined with tin foil sprayed with Pam.  Then refrigerated until they settled something like jello would for an bout an hour.  I used a cookie cutter to make these lovely little hearts before placing them into a hot pan with a little extra virgin olive oil for about three minuets on each side or until they were slightly crisp and golden brown. After that it was a matter of what I wanted to top them with.  On this day it was chopped grilled veggies: green bell peppers, sweet slices of onion, mushrooms and a little tomato sauce to pull it all together but you can use your imagination with an endless list of toppings or just eat them as is.  So?  what would you top them with?


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