Jack Fruit to the Rescue

2013-03-15_11-36-22_431I Explored an Asian market today in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. There were so many incredible and exotic fruits and vegetable that I didn’t even know which was which. The motivation for my adventure was to obtain an Asian fruit named “Jack Fruit” otherwise known as vegetable meat and often used as a meat substitute by vegans.  Its appearance is a little strange and bumpy, looking somewhat like one of the under water pods from the movie “Cocoon”.  It has a sweet aroma similar to a mango and a pear when allowed to fully ripen.  I had never heard of Jack Fruit until I saw an episode about a vegan “Food Truck”.  Jack Fruit can weigh as much as eighty pounds and when cooked is similar in texture to chicken or so I hear.  It can be purchased fresh, like I did today, frozen or canned.  I discovered how to open it for preparation and can see that it is going to be a two man job.  Sooooooo, now that I have my Jack Fruit sitting on my kitchen island to heavy for me to lift, what am I going to do with it?  Tacos, Caritas, maybe a curry?  What are your thoughts?


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