Jack Fruit 101?


Eager to try new things now that I am gluten free, dairy free, soy free vegan. Followed the instruction for cutting Jack Fruit to the best of my ability.  It was very much like what I would imaging dissecting an alien during an autopsy to be.  Very foreign to say the least.  It took a bit of getting use to and figuring out what I was looking at.  The exterior of the fruit is similar to a pineapple and just as easy to slice through.  Another similarity to pineapple was its core however the jack fruit has a much larger core that is much more invasive through out the fruit. Numerous seeds, which look like river rocks, about the size of a walnut are hidden through the flesh and incased in a membrane which must also be removed.  Once I got this far in the process it took me about an hour to pull, cut and rip the flesh from the body of the fruit and remove any remaining white fibers from it.  I couldn’t resist picking off small pieces of the yellow flesh which tasted slightly sweet on the tongue.  It also had a sweet aroma, a blend of mango, banana, and pear which filled my entire kitchen. My first attempt at cooking slivers of jack fruit in taco seasoning was not quite that of shredded chicken however, I might have done better if I had used a food processor to shred it rather then slice it.  I am pretty excited about my new discovery even though it was definitely Jack Fruit one, Diana zero however I would recommend experimenting with either canned or frozen Jack Fruit.  That is! Unless you want to experience what it might feel like to me a medical examiner at area 51. Or! On a more serious note I did visit this sight(http://panasamwonders.blogspot.com/2010/07/jack-flower-unique-way-of-opening.html) which is very interesting which can make retrieving the fruit much easier. Cut the fruit and remove the core as I suggested but then just turn the skin of the fruit inside out. This will automatically section the fruit for you leaving the seed inside.    


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