Gluten Free Fido


Years ago while still a newlywed we welcomed our first pet into the family.  She was a bundle of fluff who ran the house with early morning wake up calls to go outside. Her tail curled like a Jedi laser- loop following behind her. Ginger was always happy and friendly and more than anything loved to lap up the last few drops of tea, from a china saucer. Unfortunately, after about eleven years, all at once and for no apparent reason she changed.  She became agitated without provocation.  Dry skin would flake from her and she did not like to be touched.  Her ears were constantly infected even though we had medicated her and kept her clean.  Vet after vet had no idea what was wrong with her and to this day it is a mystery.  Today, I wonder if she had developed gluten sensitivities.  I am not sure what caused her symptoms.  I would know what to ask my vet if I saw these or other symptoms develop in our newest four legged “cuddle bunny”. Fortunately there are some pet foods that are gluten free. For more detailed information this link might be helpful. Have you ever had a pet with weird symptoms? What did you do to help them?


About Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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