Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Gluten Free Lettuce Wrap)

Although Five Guys doesn’t have an official gluten free menu they are well aquatinted with celiac and safe handling procedures to avoid cross contamination. After ordering a small fry (which could feed a family of four) to go, I spoke with the manager and asked him a few standard questions.  I have never had a problem with eating ate Five Guys and here is why. The manager told me that all new employees were required to take an eight hour video course about food safety which includes food allergies.  I saw how this works first hand.  While my “single” order was being put in the grill cook called out to the manager, “Is this order for an “allergy” do I need to change my gloves?”  The manager also told me that it is standard in an “allergy” order that only one member prepare the order from start to finish which helps reduce possible contamination due to miscommunication.  I asked him how we could as consumers make it easier for the staff when ordering a special request.  He said, “Just be sure to tell them up front before you even start to order.” I also inquired about whether or not anyone from the corporate office had considered offering a gluten free bun and let him know that gluten free eaters are willing to pay more for what they need.  He said that they have gone around and around that issue but felt that it would result in waste.  He did show me new bowls that they have started to use to make eating a bun-less burger easier. The really exciting news is that Five Guys will prepare a burger your way in the form of a lettuce wrap in addition to the bowl.  And lets not forget those great gluten free fries and hot dog options.  2030 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd
Tarentum, PA 15084


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2 Responses to Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Gluten Free Lettuce Wrap)

  1. That is good news. In-n-Out Burgers also offer what they call a protein burger which is wrapped in lettuce leaves.

    Five Guys, however, fry their french fries in peanut oil.

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