Win Restaurant Gift Cards-Chicago Followers


I received more restaurant gift cards after visiting Chicago and interviewing restaurant owners while writing my book “Gluten Free Social Savvy a National Restaurant Guide”.  I am thinking of creative ways to possibly give them away as soon as next week.  If you live in the Chicago area look for details to follow.  If you have ever been to or would like to visit Lincoln Whiskey Kitchen, The Gay Lord Indian Cuisine or The Rose Bud you wont want to miss an opportunity to enjoy their gluten free options.  If giving them the cards away works I would consider doing something similar for my non-Chicago Followers. What is your all time favorite gluten free restaurant? If you could suggest a national restaurant that you would like to see in the “Gluten Free Social Savvy A National Restaurant Guide”  here is your chance to let me know which restaurant it would be?


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Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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6 Responses to Win Restaurant Gift Cards-Chicago Followers

  1. Alison Ellis says:

    The Weber Grill downtown Chicago is my favorite. They are great to GF eaters. They do a really nice job while offering great dishes, both gluten free and full of gluten. Not to mention their kids meals rock. Never been to the three you listed. Good to know there are more GF options out there.

  2. Chris Finley says:

    My friend, Dawn Wanninger, told me about your blog! (So here I am! 🙂 Excited to learn about lots of great options for eating out safely!

    • Chris and Dawn please provide me with a mailing address for each of you so I can mail you your gift cards leave a message at (724) 213-0454. Thanks and congrats!!! Please consider inviting more of your friends in the area to follow GFSS. Diana

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