Its Restaurant Giveaway Time!

IMG_20130422_132858_066Thank you for following Gluten Free Social Savvy. I couldn’t have had such a great start without you! . As I mentioned earlier I still have gift cards from restaurants in the Chicago area. This post shares how you can be included in the give-a-way. The plan? Help to make the blog all that it can be, share the blog and the need for a Gluten Free National Dining Guide with your friends and family.

Step One: Invite!
Invite as many gf friends and family members to follow Gluten Free Social Savvy. Direct your friends to visit , to type their email address in the upper right hand corner, and then click follow. Then the only thing they need to do to follow is to go to their email and click on confirm.

Step Two. Comment!
If your friend wins you could win too!!! Here is how.
Once they are a part of GFSS, your friend must comment one time only on this blog post by writing:

“My friend First Name Last name told me about your blog”
If your friend wins (in the first and second drawing) after you have told them about GFSS and they mention you as stated above you also win.

Contest runs from 5/15/2013-6/8/2013

A drawing will be held on May 25th For Lincoln Whiskey Kitchen $25.00 Gift Cards.
A drawing will be held on June 1st For The Gay Lord $25.00 Gift Cards.
A drawing will be held on June 8th For One and only One card to the person who made the comment,for The Rose Bud a $75.00 Gift Card.

Spread the word, invite as many friends and family members to increase your chances to win. Your friends may also invite their friends to follow in the same way to increase their chances to win!!!

Please Note: Gift cards are for Chicago area restaurants Only. There will be up to but no more than five winners in total. You must be at least eighteen years old and you may win only one time. I will do my best to protect the integrity of the process. Any disputes will be decided in full my me and are subject to change without notice. In participating you agree to the set rules and terms without holding me legally or financially responsible to errors in the process. Good Luck!!!


About Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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6 Responses to Its Restaurant Giveaway Time!

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  3. Susan Tchon says:

    I love Rosebud.. I wish I knew other gf folks. It would make going out so much more fun,.

    • Hi Susan, Thanks for the comment. If it is possible please invite a friend to join GFSS. If they follow the instructions They could win a $75.00 gift card from the Rose Bud and maybe they would take you with them. The Drawing is tomorrow , weather permitting. Thanks Again, Diana

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