A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still Called Bill

Did you ever see the movie Groundhog’s Day?  Bill Murray living the same day over and over again. Well, It is a hot and steamy 100 degrees in western Pennsylvania and I have been re-reevaluating content for my book, Gluten Free Social Savvy A National Restaurant Guide before I but pen to paper so to speak. Most of my initial research has been finished but I will continue to provide restaurant reviews from time to time because: well, how many people actually say they get to eat their work.  Several restaurant categories will be represented in the book such as: coffee shops, fast food, bar and grill.  In addition, to family casual, fine dining, and dessert.  Each category will provide you with a gluten free menu which will help you to verify safe gluten free options.  But I could still use your advise.  Which national restaurant chain would you like me to consider adding to the book and what is it that you like about the restaurant? 

What other information would you like to see added to the content of the book? Looking forward to hearing from you.


About Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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2 Responses to A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still Called Bill

  1. emilycosentino2013 says:

    ru only looking for franchise restaurants?   

    • Yes, because franchise restaurants are more likely to be national. That way I can include them in the National Restaurant Guide that I am writing. However, I will post about other restaurants that I enjoy. Great Question. Thank you

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