Don Pablos-Start the Fiesta


I can almost hear the sizzling fajita salad at Don Pablos.  Who can choose between steak or shrimp along side of sautéed peppers, onions, avocado, cheese, pico de gallo (I suggest avoiding the tortilla strips) served over crisp greens. But I wouldn’t stop there.  Don Pablos serves a variety of gluten free salads.  But if you really want to hear what is sizzling you might want to try the fajita platters.  This is my all time favorite dish at Don Pablos. They serve it with your choice of shrimp, steak, chicken, veggie or portable mushroom  with Mexican rice and refritos.  In addition to other gluten free sides you can also order a great big juicy grilled Texas steak, Tilapia, carnitas shrimp and enchilada specialties specialties.  The one precaution I had is that, while they would serve a gluten free soft corn tortilla it is heated on the flat top so if you are like me you would rather do without because of cross contamination.  However, the next time I go I might ask if the chef would be willing to place the tortilla between to pieces of tinfoil.  AND!  I just might have to smuggle in some bagged gluten free tortilla chips so I can enjoy the table salsa bursting with flavors which is just one of four zesty or cheesy dips to choose from.  For more information about Don Pablos please follow this link. 


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