Better Batter- An Answer to Prayer

Better Batter Anyone?2013-03-15_13-26-56_665  Are you tired of paying to much for gluten free mixes that cost to much and require extra ingredients?  Worse still they taste a little … well, like the box?  In her own words, Naomi Poe founder of Better Batter, shared the pains that you and I can identify with all to well.  She too has had the experiences of trying to recreate recipes for the simplest of eats and treats never sure if it was going to be fame or flame.  But not anymore!  One night she threw up her hand and prayed for an answer.  That night her prayers (and mine too) were answered.  As Naomi Poe slept peacefully in her bed she had a dream about a mix which she recreated at once.  Better Batter can stand alone as in the prepackaged yellow cake mix, (which I call Birthday Cake mix in my home because it tastes so much like the  Birthday cakes of my childhood) chocolate cake mix, fudge brownie mix  pancake/biscuit mix and seasoned flour mix.

Better Batter is like the gift that keeps giving because while the packaged mixes can stand alone Naomi has found multiple ways that you can use them to recreate all kinds of goodness from your own kitchen.  Stir in a little yellow cake mix to your Rice Crispy Treats and you have Birthday Cake Rice Crispy Treats.  Who wouldn’t love that?  I know I did.  The first time a tried them I went straight home and scoured my kitchen for that missing bag of marshmallows at the back of my over stuffed pantry.  But there is much more to Better Batter like an instant crumb pie crust and two ingredient muffins.  If you think it is to good to be true just follow the links below and see for yourself.


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