Gordy and the Magic Diet


Gordy is a spunky child attempting to navigate a world of tempting food and “fitting in” while staving off “tummy” monsters.  Celiac disease and food issues aren’t new but thanks to picture books like Gordy and the Magic Diet new light can be shed on an old issue. Gordy chooses to find strength and determination to avoid monster like reactions in order to enjoy happiness and good health.  Authors Kim  Diersen and April Runge and illustrator Carrie Hartman know the importance of the magic diet.  Between them their children have experienced a host of serious health issues which have greatly been reduced without the dangerous side effects of medication.  

As I turned page after page many thoughts came to my mind.  I wondered how my own childhood might have been different  if my parents would have had such a book.  I wondered how I might have avoided offering certain foods when raising my own children aged twenty-six and thirty.  I wished that there was a grown up version that I could give to people who don’t understand the real dangers of cross contamination and that, “Yes, just a little can hurt”. 

If you would like to find learn more about Gordy and the Magic Diet please follow this link  http://www.gordyandthemagicdiet.com/.  Which books have been most helpful to you to help you and others to understand celiac disease? 




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5 Responses to Gordy and the Magic Diet

  1. Reblogged this on allergictolifemybattle and commented:
    I love the whole idea of this book. The illustrations are wonderful.

  2. rachelmeeks says:

    What a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing, I love the concept. I’m going to try to get one for the elementary school where my mom works.

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