Panera Bread


It sounds ironic but Panera Bread does have a gluten free menu.  However, at first glance, their official website doesn’t include a gluten free menu.  Knowing that encourages me to continue writing a national gluten free dining guide. Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to enjoy a meal at Panera they do have a gluten free menu if you ask them for it. The menu is limited but there is more than enough to choose from.  What it lacks in options it more than makes up for in service, quality and flavor. They offer a number of salads without crotons and a few other toppings such as fried onions.  To play it safe I also avoid cheese which contains mold since mold is often grown on the heads of moldy wheat. They also offer black bean or creamy tomato soup.  While they do not provide a gluten free roll they to offer to exchange it for either a bag of chips or a crisp fresh apple.  I enjoyed a chicken salad and creamy tomato soup.  They were so fresh that the only thing I could think of to improve it would have been seconds. As always be certain to verify and re-verify everything you choose to consume to be sure that it is gluten free.  If you would like to check out Panera’s website click here:


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  1. Just an update. I have found conflicting information as to weather or not the Caesar Salad without the croutons is gluten free. I would speak with a manager and ask to see their allergen book.

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