One Million Dollar Pillsbury Bake Off


With a one-million dollar grand prize, Pillsbury has made life and winning a lot easier to be gluten free.  With a variety of delicious ready to use products you can be a winner too.  It is my hope that the 2014 winner will be a gluten free recipe.  Most grocery stores carry gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough, pizza crust, and pastry dough.  Their website is full of great ideas to get you thinking about an entry of your own. I have already experimented using the pizza dough to make focaccia.  Lets just say that it needs a little more work. The pastry dough, however, is fabulous, white, flaky, and buttery.  It holds up to any pie crust including gluten.  I have tried a few new creations such as a ground sausage and spinach breakfast tart which is full of flavor. I also have used the chocolate chip cookie dough to duplicate some of the suggestions on their website.  The peanut butter blossoms they suggested where a hit.  I also substituted the mini peanut butter cups for Hersey’s kisses. For the recipe click on this link. For more information about how you could win the one million dollar Pillsbury Bake Off contest click here.


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  1. emilycosentino2013 says:

    u should enter!   

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