Subway! Changing Direction

According to Subway Restaurant is removing azodiacarbonamide after fellow blogger Vani Hari gets over 50k signatures on her petition. This potentially dangerous chemical is used in sandwich bread and is linked to a host of health problems. The same chemical is also found in shoes and yoga mats. Even those who thought they had been eating a healthy diet by making wise choices at Subways were eating what amounted to plastic. This begs the question. Should anyone be eating anything which is not at its very core “food”? You may be asking, “What does a sandwich shop have to do with a gluten free blog?” After reading similar articles about azodiacarbonamide I found myself researching items in my own gluten free pantry. In addition, the truth is, Subway restaurants has tested a gluten free bun in some areas but as yet I do not know of any Subway restaurants that carry a gluten free bun. However, after seeing first hand what Vani Hari has been able to accomplish WHO says that one person cannot make a difference? What might happen if all of us worked together to encourage similar restaurants to provide high quality gluten free foods? What might happen if each one of us called Subway’s corporate office and asked them to provide a gluten free bun for you and your family? If you would like to examine what Subway offers please feel free to follow the link below.


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