Run Forrest Run!!!


Run Forrest Run, to Bubba Gump’s Seafood Restaurant.  Even if you are not on a vacation vising a Bubba Gump Restaurant will make you feel like you are.  Walking though the restaurant on squeaky hardwood floors you almost forget that you are not walking through Bubba’s boathouse.  As your eyes wonder around the room your mind remembers every piece of movie memorabilia hanging on the walls.  At some locations  waitstaff periodically hold impromptu “Forest Gump” trivia games between dinners pitting table against table.  You might be asked, “What color were Jenny’s shoes when she married Forrest”.  Of course the answer is, she wasn’t wearing any.  But best of all are the gluten free options.  You can start with a plump and juicy, ice cold shrimp cocktail served hanging from the rim of a martini glass.  There are two featured salads. Deciding between tossed cob or berry and pear isn’t easy.  If you like Mahi Mahi you can have it broiled or grilled with vegetables and jasmine rice. If your mouth is dripping for shrimp skewer or seasonal fish served Cajan style or with lobster butter, Bubba’s is the place to run to. My all time favorite is the flaky grilled salmon.  Dessert lovers will want to try one of Jennie’s mini mousse treats.  Bubba Gump’s even has a gluten free meal for the kids.  In addition to the gluten free menu many restaurants also have a Bubby Gump souvenir shop where you can “pick up a box of chocolates” or try on a pair of Forrest’s shoes.  As always when you are eating gluten free you must verify with waitstaff that your meal is safe.  For more information about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  please follow this link.  If you haven’t eaten at Bubba Gumps’s where do you get great seafood? 

Photographs By Tina Trimble


About Gluten-Free Social Savvy

Living and exploring a Gluten Free community while developing a handy resource guide to make dining out a little easier for all of us.
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