Diana Lynn

Life is a Journey

My fondest memories, growing up in Western Pennsylvania are steeped like a tea bag in those times when family and friends gathered to share a meal.  However, my love for food came from the summers I grew up on our family farm gathering eggs so fresh they were still warm in my hand and straining milk after it had been carried from the barn in metal buckets dents and all.


Six weeks after high school graduation I married a quiet, red headed Brit with brown eyes.  Four and eight years later, I would join the ranks of motherhood, no red heads, but plenty of beautiful brown eyes.  Moving nearly seventeen times provided me with my first opportunities to explore new local restaurants  , new foods, spices and cooking techniques.

After studying Sociology and writing intensive courses, I graduated (2008) magna cumlade, was an honor society member and received an award for community service during my time as a student.

In my forties, I discovered quiet by accident that gluten was the cause of much of my suffering.  While being treated for an infection my diet was restricted to meats and vegetables.  My health improved tremendously.  A friend, Emily, educated me about my improved health and how my illness’ were linked to gluten.

Now, in my fifties, this Italian finds herself on another journey which includes a gluten free life style.  Five years ago my frustrations with dining out drove me to becoming Gluten Free Social Savvy talking with chefs and restraunt owners and wait staff.  What is your best tip about dining out?



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