Gluten-Free Social Savvy A National Restaurant Guide

1354491523471Welcome to Gluten Free Social Savvy.  Whether you are new to being gluten free or an expert there is one thing we can all be certain of. Everybody has to Eat. If you are like me sometimes that means Eating Out whether because you or your family is traveling, celebrating or for business. In today’s world that can be like walking backwards through land mine. That is! Unless you have a well written easy to follow national restaurant guide helping to lead you towards safety.  Gluten Free Social Savvy is a blog meant to help build interest and launch a book “Gluten Free Social Savvy A National Restaurant Guide” at the end of 2014. I will primarily explore national restaurant chains with a gluten free menu making it easier to make safer choices about dining out. However, I will from time to time include recipes and my personal experiences about life in rural Pennsylvania. Together, with your input we will also explore a large variety of fare; coffee/dessert, fast food, casual dining, pizza, bar and grill, and my personal favorites fine dining restaurant.

We will discover helpful tips such as how to order from a menu, how to successfully deal with problems if they occur, support groups and provide links to resources. In addition, we will  discuss those not so easy relationship issues such as: how to tell your friends and family why you can’t split your meal with them, why they can’t eat off of your plate and what to do on that awkward first date when it comes time to order a meal.

So let’s put our heads together and get started. Are you Gluten Free Social Savvy?


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